Thursday, 16 February 2012



I tend to do a lot of shopping on Very, they have a wide range of brands & offer suitable payment plans...I'm a student, therefore quite often I'm broke! So anyway, here's my top 5 favourite items today...

1. Love Label High Waist Gold Metallic Mini Skirt - £25, which I consider reasonably priced. It's a toned down gold skirt, suitable for casual or going out. Looks great in the pictures & I would love to have it.

2. Oasis Two Collar Shirt - £37, would look great over black skinny jeans, cropped jeans or chinos. I think I'd wear it with my River Island brown skinny trousers (jean shape & style just different fabric).

3. Rare Colour Block Zip Crop Top - now £20! - I love the contrasting colours of this top, would also look great with skinnys. The orange colour is quite popular in fashion right now, many high street stores have jeans, trousers & tops featuring this colour.

4. Motel Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress - £42, a bit pricey for a simple dress, but I love the block work of the dress, I like how its broken up by the royal blue strip and the lighter mesh central panel highlights your curves. Worth buying if you have the money.

5. Love Label Lovebird Bow T-bar Shoes - £38, a bargain for heels considering Topshop can be over £70 for a less appealing pair. If like me, I find strapless heels hard to wear, so I stick to pairs with straps - I love the colour of these shoes & the bows just stop them from being plain. I may have to buy a pair of these on payday!

Right so that's my first ever blog post about fashion. I know this one wasn't very exciting but I've gotta start somewhere, I will start blogging about my own outfits when I get back home from uni & get my camera. 
Let me know what you think...

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