Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I haven't coloured my hair in months and really wanted to go back to my chocolate brown colour, so I thought I'd try the new foam colourants...
I chose Loreal Sublime Mousse in the shade delicate iced chocolate. I followed the instructions perfect and have died my hair millions of times before, however, when I dried it my hair was almost black with a red/purple tint to it. It was ridiculous, and definitely not a chocolate colour or anything like the pictures on the box.

So I then had to spend more money on getting it removed, I've previously used this product before when my hair went black a while back, Colour B4 Extra, it removes colour perfect enough for you to dye back over it. Anybody who expects it to go back to their exact natural colour is stupid and clearly hasn't read the instructions, your hair goes a blonde ginger colour, which is a result of the dye altering your colour pigment, if you want your natural colour you're supposed to colour it with a dye similar in colour to that. 

After successfully removing that horrible Loreal dye from my hair I then used a Clairol nice'n easy colour blend foam dye in the shade light ash brown.

Once again my hairs darker than the pictures (it's way lighter than my photo shows, camera is pants) and has a reddish tint. I am never using foam again! This one has also left stains all over my scalp. Total waste of money... I'm sticking to normal dyes in future...& as for my hair colour? I'm just gonna use anti-dandruff shampoo to fade it (this gradually strips the colour) and hopefully I'll have the chocolate brown hair I wanted!


  1. One of my best friends recently tried a foam colourant, she wanted a dark chocolate brown also, guess what?! Her hair got black too!


  2. Must be something to do with the foam. I'm sticking to normal dye from now on lol!