Friday, 18 May 2012


I'm being honest now, I have bought products in the past & recently which I've not realised & not further checked to see if they aren't tested on animals, does that make sense?
I've always been against it, & even based my college course assessment on cruelty to animals during testing, so I don't understand why I would be so stupid and blind. Products confuse us & trick us into thinking they aren't tested on animals when they actually are, some companies pay others to do the testing 'we don't test on animals', yeah well that's because somebody else is doing it for you, & there's the problem of the ingredients, the finished product may not be tested but the ingredients may have.
I have quite a decent amount of make up & I'm now pretty sure after researching them recently that most of it isn't animal testing free, even though some may state this.
I know this may sound selfish, but I'm not going to stop using the products I currently have, I'm going to use them all up, I don't feel that throwing them away will prevent anything now, I mean this would just symbolise even more worthlessness of an animal's life.
When I have run out of my current products, however much I love them, I'm going to buy products that are 100% animal testing free.
I feel awful and selfish. An animal deserves a decent life, just like us humans.
What justifies causing pain & suffering to an animal for a more volumed mascara, or a better bath cleaner, we have these already, we don't need more tests! There are much better alternatives to testing now.

I found a good website with cruelty free products for sale:
Please, if anyone knows of any products that are definitely animal testing free do comment below.

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  1. I hate when cosmetic industries test their products to animals.
    you are totally right!