Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Above I'm wearing the Stila convertible eye color duel shadow & liner in stone, shades from MUA Heaven & Earth palette, MUA extreme felt eyeliner & Stila major lash mascara in black.

I went into town (Wakefield) on Friday after I'd got back from Manchester. I went into TKmaxx & bought a drawer tidy & some more Stila products as I love them, they suit my skin so well (dry/oily).
Sorry about some of the photos, I don't get why they're going all pixellated...is that a word? They just seem cartoon like in parts! It happens whilst uploading...hmmm!

Love the cut out detail on this and fits perfect in my drawers, although I like it that much I think it needs to be out & on show, not banished to a drawer!

The Stila products came in packs of 3, so it was kinda hard to choose exactly what you wanted.

The convertible color dual lip & cheek cream is a good buy, I love the packaging, and it can be used for two things, I've tried it on my cheeks with a brush, but the cream got all "scruffed" up, so I now use it with my fingers & it sits well, perfect blush! I put two photos here together, unfortunately I do not have two of the product lol.

Now this is the product I need your help on...what is it? It's called all over color so I'm guessing it can be used for blush, lips and eye shadow maybe? I'm really unsure on this one, will have to do some research on Google!

This shimmer shadow is similar to the Barry M ones you can buy, it's in Shade 8 which is a grey coal type colour, its very shimmery and reflects light beautifully.

I don't tend to wear many products on my lips other than my trusty Vaseline, so I thought I'd try this out, it sits well & is very shiny!

I really like this product, it's shade is Stone, which I'd say is true, it's a really nice brown grey colour and the blending stick at the other end blends the liner perfectly, looks really really good!

& finally this mascara, which I am now in love with, literally! It's amazing, my lashes look hugeeee! It's on par with Collection 2000 Super Size Mascara & Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara. If you can get hold of this, it's worth buying!

Anybody else recently tried Stila products?


  1. Wow ,great Pieces!

    Lovely Greetings :)

  2. you have such nice makeup storage i love tk maxx homewares and ur eye makeup looks lovely :)
    Holly x

    1. Yeah they have quite a lot of unique stuff at reasonable prices.
      Thank you :) xx