Friday, 29 March 2013

Liar, liar, diamonds are on fire.

Hi, this post is about a purchase & a funny (I think) story behind it.

Basically, there's this girl at work that always smells nice, yes I've smelled her! Well she leaves a nice smell trail wherever she goes (if that makes sense). It's kind of a Soap & Glory Clean On Me smell. I finally asked her one day if she was wearing the Soap & Glory perfume, & she said no, it was Emporio Armani - Diamonds.

So the next day I went searching for this perfume, I went all over; Boots, Superdrug, Perfume Shop etc. I tested every single Emporio Armani - Diamonds that was available, I even described the bottle to the lady on the counter as I'd seen it in the girl at works locker. I was unsuccessful, this was months ago.

UNTIL...I happened to check the perfume section on the NEXT website, & there was the bottle...the exact same bottle I'd seen in her locker, & guess was called Diamonds. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUDGE?!

So I made it my mission to smell this perfume, well that took over a month too. Every NEXT I went to had a massive collection of perfumes, but the only tester not available was Diamonds. I nearly killed somebody, seriously.

Yesterday I went to the White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds for some much needed retail therapy, as my boyfriend (well ex-boyfriend) has buggered off to Australia & has now decided that 1 year isn't long enough and the sweaty ass smelling dollars are more important. So I'm having a rough time at the moment. Anyway, I found it! I found a tester of Diamonds, & I smelt it, & you know what, it was the bloody same one she was wearing all along. I just laughed to myself, like loads, & then I told my friend (who I was shopping with) & we laughed like loads too. God it made my day, considering all I've been doing is balling & depressing over said ex-boyfriend. I thought my life was over, but there we go, diamonds are a girl's best friend (well until the bottle runs out & it's discontinued). So yeah, I'm gonna smother myself in it & walk past this girl at every opportunity, I'm gonna make her smell me, then when I think she may have twigged on, I shall just say "Found that Emporio Armani - Diamonds" & walk off. I'm so cruel, but seriously why lie about it, I bum NEXT, nowt wrong with wearing NEXT perfume.

Well that's my story!



  1. very nice *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog,too <3 keep in touch!


  2. Funny story!(Apart from the ex-boyfriend part; you can do much better!)People shouldn't feel so ashamed about not wearing a designer brand, if it smells nice and is a good quality - who cares?!

    Tara xox