Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My nail polish storage.

Hi guys, this is just a short post about my nail polish storage, I'm sorry I've been absent for a long time, I explain later on why. So anyway, I use Muji drawers for my nail polish storage - I have one set of the narrow two drawers & one set of the deep drawer system.

I originally only used the deep drawer for nail polishes as I didn't have that many but I've started to take more care of my nails and actually like wearing nail polish now. As you can see the deep drawer fits all my polishes really well!

As I've now got a lot more polishes than I used to I now have to keep some of them laid in the top drawer of the narrow system, this isn't ideal storage as I'm sure they should be kept stood up? (Please comment if you have any idea). But it'll do for now!

Anyway so that's my nail polish storage, I will be doing a makeup storage post at some point, just had a lot going on the last few months (hence the lack of posts), my hairless rat Beatrice had to be put to sleep yesterday due to developing a tumour on her leg. She was on painkillers for a few weeks prior to her euthanasia but yesterday was her time to go, she didn't deserve to suffer any longer. I miss her so much already, but she's in ratty heaven now (hopefully with an endless supply of Kinder Bueno's!). RIP BeeBee xx

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